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Tortajada Professional Red Quad Trumpet Case with Back Pack Straps


This case is for 4 Trumpets or 2 Trumpets and a Flugelhorn. You can change the interior very easily to accommodate your needs. it only weighs 4 kg, and its dimensions are 55 x 35 x 20cm.  It is perfect for travelling and it comes as a backpack.

These are some of the best looking, safe and lightweight cases on the market.

Trumpet FIBRA Line Hard Case.  It is called FIBRA because its outer structure is fibreglass, in addition to nylon and expanded polystyrene. Its interior is lined with soft fabrics and padded with high density foam, for a perfect hold. While offering great protection, these cases are also very light due to the materials used.

Case Colour Red with Black Pockets

     I have other colour options available -  All Black & Orange with Black Pockets

Case Weight with Straps = 4kg
Dimensions = 55cm x 35cm x 20cm ((21.65'' x 13.78'' x 7.87'').

Two large zipped exterior pockets
Small Internal detachable Accessory Pouch

One Black Shoulder Strap and Two Back Pack Straps
Three Different Size Padded Packing Blocks

Zipps are best quality by YKK
High Quality Made in Spain - Not China

Tortajada Music. The creators of Tortajada are people with many years of experience in the music sector and have brought in professional musicians to help them perfect these great looking cases.

Tortajada Professional Quad Trumpet Hard Case - Shoulder & Back Pack Straps

SKU: Tortajada TTR
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