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Made in Michigan USA

Often Imitated...but never duplicated! We created  the first "hand shaped" guitar hanger in 2006. Shortly after that, for some ludicrous reason, we decided, "Hey!  we can manufacture these!... ourselves! We're artistic! We like making things!!" Oh boy, the lessons we've learned 😫 ...but learn we did 😄 

Has it been difficult? Umm..Yes! Has it been fun? Errr.. Mostly? Was it challenging? For Sure!. But, we love it. We take pride in every painstaking step and every cut, knick, and bruise we gained along the way. From making 16 grips our first month in biz to making thousands a year, every hanger is touched by our hands with a determination to make functional art that brings joy to us and to musicians around the world. 

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