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Ortolá is the largest Spanish manufacturer of guitar cases and accessories for guitar and other musical instruments. A company that since 1955 continues to manufacture most of its products in Spain with passion and dedication.

Ortolá was born in 1955 thanks to the passion for music of its founder, Mr. Jose Ortolá Montaner, a musician from a local orchestra who turned his great passion into a profession. As a result of the need to protect his instruments in the countless trips and performances he made, he created a small workshop dedicated to the manufacture of instrument cases, together with his wife, Doña Amelia Moscardó Montoro.

After the death of Mr. José Ortolá, the company was renamed Ortolá SA, a family company with the spirit of a public limited company, led by his son, Mr. José Vicente Ortolá Moscardó, who kept his father's legacy alive since the first day with the improvement in the protection and transport of musical instruments.

The company is located in the Valencian municipality of La Pobla del Duc, it has facilities of 6,500 m² and the most advanced machinery and technology. Top quality materials are used in the manufacturing process. The research department does not cease in its efforts to improve every day. Finally, quality controls allow products to be sold in perfect condition.

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