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Resonance 1/4 Size Violin String Set

Resonance Strings Sets manufactured for J.Thibouville-Lamy offer great features. 

Sourced from Europe, I am told this are similar to Dominant Strings.
      Nylon Core Stable in most Climate Conditions

      Warm Tone with Clean Character
      Good Response

Set of Four Medium Strings for 1/4 Size Violin - Ball End
1 x E String - Plain Steel
1 x A String - Nylon Core Aluminium Wound
1 x D String - Nylon Core Aluminium Wound
1 x G String - Nylon Core, Silver Wound

J.Thibouville-Lamy, originally established in 1790 and was known as a specialist for Orchestral String Instruments and Accessories.

Resonance Violin 1/4 Size String Set

SKU: Reso Set 1/4
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