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Mr Tuba Valve Oil 2000 for all Brass Piston Valve Brass Instruments
Mr Tuba Valve Oil 2000 is formulated with special additives for long life and fast valve action! This special viscosity oil is suitable for brass instrument valves, trombone hand slides and woodwind instrument keys to provide long-lasting lubrication. Clear PET with controlled dropper tip and cap, 2 oz (60 mL) size.  Made for Mr Tuba by Superslick USA was developed in partnership with trusted chemists and through rigorous comparative blind testing in the market. It provides long lasting performance for valves, slides and keys.
Bottle Size 1.25 fl oz
The Mr Tuba Valve Oil 2000 is supplied in the new EU Compliant bottle with Child Resistant Cap.
Mr Tuba is a specialist UK Brass Instrument and Repairer that has gained a great reputation over many years of trading.

Mr Tuba Valve Oil 2000 for Trumpet Cornet All Brass Instruments (Piston Valve)

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