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GuitarGrip Guitar Wall Hanger - Silver Antiqued Finish - Female Hand
A unique and entertaining alternative to hold your guitar on the wall. Our Valkyrie series looks great in any room and makes your instrument easily accessible, which means you might practice more!
"She hypnotized my eyes with her silver heeled ways" - The antiqued Grips are cast in high quality resin, sanded, cleaned, and painted using real metal coatings. Each hanger is custom glazed and aged by hand. Finish may vary slightly from picture, and no two Grips will ever be exactly the same.
Made start to finish in the USA.
Suitable for most string instruments + more
Cast in high-quality resin.
Cushioned Insert
Felt Back
Stocked and Shipped from the UK.
Please note - While the Left Shape is our most popular orientation, either one can hold both left-handed and right-handed guitars, basses, banjos, and many other stringed instruments. Selection is based on the instrument's headstock style.

See the last image for a quick visual guide to help you decide. Locate the Headstock that most resembles the instrument you're hanging and find the Grip Shape that fits best


Supplied with a Double Threaded Screw 64mm (2.5") for installing into a stud wall.  Please check before fitting that this is correct for your installation.

GuitarGrip Guitar Valkyrie Hand Wall Hanger - Silver Antiqued Finish

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