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Faxx (USA) Aluminium Trumpet Compact Trumpet Mute
These mutes are very popular in the USA and gaining ground in Europe and the UK.  Faxx offer a comprehensive range of Mutes for all Brass Instruments.  This Trumpet practice mute from FAXX allows you to lower your volume without muffling your tone. The mute is lightweight, easy blowing, and designed to reduce volume by up to 80% without sacrificing intonation. Durably manufactured in the USA, this mute is small enough to be stored inside the bell of the trumpet while in most Trumpet cases for the travelling musician. It's a great accessory for anyone that needs to get their practice time in, but in a quiet manner while doing so!  The Faxx mute is comparable to the design of the Best Brass mutes from Japan.
Faxx say "High quality aluminium warm up practice mute in a compact form. Can be stored in the instrument bell in most Trumpet cases. The Faxx mute’s unique design helps a player produce the sound and projection needed without compromising intonation or sound quality. "
Made in the USA - not China.  Brand new item still boxed.

Faxx (USA) Trumpet Compact Practice Mute - all Aluminium - Made in the USA

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