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Size Options - 3C, 5C and 7C

Finish - Black Plastic
Weight - 10 grams
Professional Quality
Made in the USA


These are the most popular size Trumpet Mouthpieces and being made in the USA is a high quality mouthpiece for Students and Professionals musicians.
Being made of Plastic makes them great for playing outside, as they don't get as cold as metal mouthpieces and warm up quicker.  They are also a lot lighter than metal mouthpieces.
Faxx Plastic mouthpieces can be used in place of a normal metal mouthpiece, these are great for when playing outside like Marching Bands and playing Christmas Carols.
I have these mouthpieces for Trombone and Tuba.  Please check my other listings.
Mouthpiece made in the USA - NOT China

Faxx USA Black Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece

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