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GuitarGrip Guitar Wall Hanger - White Cracked Finish


"Crack, crack, Crackity Jones" - Our cracked Grips are cast in high quality resin, sanded, cleaned, and painted using special lacquers to achieve a detailed crazing effect.  Finish will vary slightly from picture. No two Grips will ever be exactly the same.


Made start to finish in the USA.
Suitable for most string instruments + more
Cast in high-quality resin, Tinted aged bone finish
Cushioned Insert
Felt Back
Stocked and Shipped from the UK.

Please note - While the Left Shape is our most popular orientation, either one can hold both left-handed and right-handed guitars, basses, banjos, and many other stringed instruments. Selection is based on the instrument's headstock style. See the last image for a quick visual guide to help you decide. Locate the Headstock that most resembles the instrument you're hanging and find the Grip Shape that fits best


Supplied with a Double Threaded Screw 64mm (2.5") for installing into a stud wall.  Please check before fitting that this is correct for your installation.

GuitarGrip Guitar Hand Wall Hanger - Cracked Black Finish

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