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Barmetal Mandala Owl Men's Boardwalk Shorts


100% Polyester
Huge All Over Print on left and right side
Features a pocket on the backside
Velcro Closure System
Inside Barmetal Logo Print

Long Leg Design


See Images for Size Chart.


With a unique vision from the outset - patience, passion and unwavering dedication laid the foundations for Barmetal Clothing to explode onto the scene in 2008.

Venturing down various avenues and seeking inspiration from multiple sources, Barmetal fuses action/freestyle, the art of tattoo, and perhaps most importantly, the rock and metal world, to create jaw-dropping designs that are in equal parts flamboyant, eye-catching and highly effective, with large prints dominating tees that has become Barmetal’s signature.

Born out of the dreamy municipality of Buochs, Switzerland, Barmetal might be the brainchild of just one person, but the brand has gone from strength-to-strength over the last ten years, releasing a select amount of designs annually which gives both male and female customers the sense that they are wearing something completely original and highly sought after.

Barmetal Mandala Owl Mens Boardwalk Shorts

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